Hope Turpin, Lead Instructor, comes from an unique background. Born Deaf, she was raised orally with speech therapy until she learned ASL at 16 as a student at the North Carolina School for the Deaf. Being able to lipread, speak and sign fluently has given Hope a remarkable set of skills that has allowed her to teach a wide range of students from babies to late-deafened adults. After graduating from Salem College with a B.A. in Biology & Sociology Hope returned back to the North Carolina School for the Deaf as a high school Biology instructor in 1998 and has not stopped teaching ASL since then, whether it be teaching individuals how to use Relay services or volunteering by doing ASL workshops with local Girl Scout groups or guest stints at various local high schools. Hope is currently pursuing her Masters in Sign Language Education from Gallaudet University. Expected completion is August 2021. With Signs of Hope she "hopes" to spread ASL awareness as well as the many benefits from knowing ASL itself.