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Give the Gift of Communication

You or your child can learn sign language through Signs of Hope

Learning sign language can boost your confidence. Signs of Hope offers American Sign Language (ASL) lessons to both children and adults.

Our ASL Instructor will work with you or your child one-on-one through a customized curriculum.

To learn more about our ASL lessons, call 704-804-9187 now.

Who can benefit from ASL?

We recommend sign language lessons to...

Parents who want to communicate with their infants or toddlers.

Special needs teachers who want to communicate with non-verbal students.

Employees who want to communicate with Deaf or hard-of-hearing coworkers and customers.

However, anyone who wants to learn a second language will enjoy taking ASL classes. At Signs of Hope, you'll work with an experienced ASL Instructor via Skype through a program tailor-made for you.

Signs of Hope's Mission Statement:

Our mission is to increase the awareness, understanding, and respect of American Sign Language used by Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and Hard of Hearing people and their diverse communities by tutoring Hearing, Hard of Hearing or late-Deafened individuals.

This mission is carried out by 3 interrelated goals:

  • To provide high quality American Sign Language tutoring assistance,
  • To prepare ASL students who are competent, ethical, and life-long learners towards their individual ASL goals no matter what current knowledge, learning styles and backgrounds they have.
  • To promote the importance and efficacy of ASL knowledge within Charlotte, NC and throughout the United States.